Gone are the days of team mom or dad, captain or manager jotting down everyones order, relaying those numbers to the printer, collecting money, handing out garments one at a time and hoping all the counts were correct. Set up a custom online store with us and all you have to worry about is handing out pre-packaged gear and getting all the praise. *Note: Due to the customization of online apparel- All CUSTOM STORE PURCHASES ARE FINAL. Dark Horse will not replace mis-ordered gear. We provide sizing charts to help you get exactly the right garment for that reason. 

Setting up an online store

  • Just search our catalog and choose garments, tell us what ink colors you want and where to place your design(s). Download, fill-out and send our Custom Online Store Form to info@darkhorseink.com and attach your artwork. 
  • Custom store pricing usually ends up around our 25 piece order pricing for each garment but is subject to changes depending on design and ink changes. 
  • To keep prices lower choose designs and ink colors that will work for all garments. We will do ink changes and separate designs but that will change the pricing.
  • Dark Horse requires 1-2 days to prepare an online store after artwork is approved.
  • Our 10 day turnaround begins on the Store Close Date. Please allow for that when requesting an online store
  • We'll provide sizing charts for each garment available on our stores. Please have customers refer to these before ordering. Dark Horse will not replace or refund items miss-ordered for sizing or style.