Contract Printing

 Congratulations, you have been selected as one of our exclusive contract customers. We like you and want to keep printing for you. Here's why:

1. You fill out a Work Order form for each job to be printed.

2. You meet our 12 piece minimum on each design being printed.

3. If printing two or more designs, you separate garments before dropping them off (or you pay the extra fee- $.10 per garment).

4. You understand that different fabrics react differently to ink chemistry and heat. And thusly, you provide at least 1 additional garment per style than needed. 

5. You provide pre-sized, vector or high quality photoshop art (300 dpi) and leave the art separation to us.

6. You remove garments from individual poly-bags or arrange for them to be shipped without them (or pay the extra fee- $.25 per bag). 

7. For any custom names or numbers, you use our Custom Names and Numbers form


Extra Information